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Rules & Regulations

All rules apply to everyone on premises.

All Participants must be a member in order to participate.

Check in at office upon entering premises.

All minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by parent at initial sign-up. Proper forms must be notarized before under-age riders can come with other adults. No exceptions.

Participants ride at their own risk. We do not supply any medical. If you do not have medical insurance, we suggest you do not ride. You assume all risks.

All Participants must wear protective gear, which includes: Helmet, goggles, long sleeve shirt, gloves, pants, and boots supportive of ankle. Highly recommend wearing aneck brace, elbow and knee pads, braces, chest protector,and riding boots. (See GEAR DIAGRAM)

All participants must know "Traffic Light System" and Race Flag system (Below) Fridays before race day, track will close by 7pm. There is no non-competitive practice on race days. Peewee track is closed to all on race day.

Spring and Summer Season: We will run a 5-day schedule until the end of November or beginning of December. Winter Season: Open weekends only, weather permitting.

If weather is questionable, call before coming for updates & changes!

Sessions and Traffic Light System

Non-Competitive Riding Days are in timed sessions. Sessions change every 15 to 20 minutes depending on number of riders.

We follow a "traffic light system":

  • Beginner/Novice (non-jumping) - Yellow Light
  • Amatuer/Expert (jumping) - Red Light
  • Mini Riders - Green Light
  • Race Flag System

    All participants must know race flag system!

  • Green - Start of Race (Sometimes not used)
  • White - One lap to go until race is finished.
  • Yellow - Ride with caution. There is no passing or jumping on a yellow flag.
  • Black - Disqualification
  • White with Red Cross - Emergency personnel are on course, so exercise with caution
  • Red - Stopping of race for Emergency (Race will be started over)
  • Black and White Checkered - End of Race